Electric Department

To report a hazardous situation or a power outage:

Your safety is important to us. Please treat all downed lines as live and dangerous.

If you want to report a downed power line or other hazardous situation, if you have a power outage, flickering lights or want to report a street light out, please call (516) 766-5800.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Electric Department


The Rockville Centre Electric Department provides the residents of Rockville Centre with low-cost electric power. The average Rockville Centre Electric Bill is consistently less than consumers whose power is supplied by PSEG. RVC Electric is 1 of 50 Municipal and Cooperative (COOP) Electric Utilities in the state of New York.

We have a long term power purchase agreement with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) via the Niagara Falls Hydro Electric Plant and receive about 75% of the annual energy used by residents and businesses through this contract.

We purchase power in the New York State wholesale market via the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) to supplement the NYPA hydropower. Power is supplied to RVC through the NY State bulk power grid and locally on Long Island via the LIPA transmission system.

When the power used by residents and businesses in RVC exceeds the import capacity of the LIPA transmission lines, the Village Power Plant operates a combination of its 6 engine generators to meet the residential and commercial customer summer demands. They will also provide power during electric system emergencies and storms when one or more transmission lines are out of service.

Rockville Centre Electric has joined with other municipal electric systems in New York in a joint action agency that is seeking additional sources of low-cost hydro-power to supplement the allocation the Village currently receives from the New York State Power Authority.

To view the Rockville Centre Electric Tariff, click the link below.

Rockville Centre Electric Tariff


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Carlton Somers Deputy Superintendent (516) 678-9211
Eileen Foglietta Superintendent of Electrical Utilities (516) 678-9294