Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if membership in the Sandel Center is right for me?

Are you looking for a way to have fun, make friends, and try new things?  Do you want more intellectual stimulation and the opportunity for meaningful volunteerism?  Perhaps you want to improve your health with a new fitness class – or the chance to go on those trips you never had time for when you were working?  If you answer yes to any of these things, then Sandel membership is right for you!

I don’t feel “old enough”.  Will I “fit in”?

At Sandel we challenge you to forget every tired negative stereotype associated with growing older.  We invite you to create your own future.  A future packed with energy and vitality.  A future where chronological age means nothing.  Sandel members range from 60 to 104 years of age.  A wide range of activities and programs reflect their interests and needs.  There is something for everyone at the Sandel Center.

Who can join?

Sandel membership is available to adults age 60 plus who reside in Rockville Centre and the surrounding communities.

How do I join?

Come for a visit.  You will be warmly welcomed.  A staff person will give you a tour, ask you to fill out an intake form and answer all your questions. 

Is there a fee?

Yes. There is an annual membership fee paid to the Village of Rockville Centre.  (RVC residents pay $125.00.  Non-residents pay $275).   If membership fees are a hardship, RVC residents may apply for confidential financial assistance through the Social Work office.  (536-1162)