Electric Rates

Schedule of Rockville Centre Electric Rates

Customer Type
Customer Charge
Winter Billing
Summer Billing
Demand Charge
First 500 kWh, per kWh$ 6.50$ 0.1081$ 0.1081 
Excess of 500 kWh, per kWh$ 6.50$ 0.1081$ 0.1144 
Small Commercial:    
Energy Charge, All kWh, per kWh$ 3.25$ 0.1232$ 0.1299 
Large Commercial:    
Energy Charges, per kWH $ 0.0914$ 0.0914 
Secondary Service, per kW, per month   $ 5.24
High-Tension Service, per kW, per month   $ 4.47

As one of the three municipal electric utilities on Long Island, the Rockville Centre Electric Department is able to provide low-cost energy to its customers, due largely to a long-term power purchase agreement with the New York Power Authority which enables the Village to purchase hydropower produced at Niagara Falls. On the average, RVC's rates are approximately 40% less than PSEG. The Attachment below contains a comparison of residential billing rates compiled by PSEG for the month of September 2023. See how Rockville Centre's rates compare to other utilities.