More Things to Know...

About the Sandel Center

The Sandel Center is part of the Village of Rockville Centre Department of Senior Services.  Membership is available to adults age 60 plus who reside in Rockville Centre and the surrounding communities.

Executive Committee:

The Sandel Center President and Board are elected by the members and serve 2 year terms.  They set club policy and represent the general membership in every area of Senior Center operations.

General Meeting:

The Executive Committee presides over a monthly General meeting.  Committee Chairpersons make presentations about past and upcoming events.  Staff members give reports.  The new calendar is distributed.  There is time for socializing after the meeting.  Attendance is a great way to become familiar with Sandel Center programs.

Monthly Calendar:

A calendar of events is published monthly.  It describes the events of that month as well as “looking ahead”.   It is a valuable resource as the schedule varies from month to month.

Event Sign-Up Procedure:

Many events require advanced sign up.  Please do so during designated sign up hours: M-F 10:30 – noon and 1:30 – 3pm. 


Events such as parties and trips often require a fee to be paid.  Unless otherwise specified, if you need to cancel, refunds will be cheerfully given.


Lunch is served Wednesdays and Thursdays at noon. Make lunch reservations at the front desk or by telephone. Lunch is $6 per person. There is a refrigerator available for those who prefer to pack their own lunch.

Bad Weather Policy:

Safety is always a concern during times of bad weather.  Snow and dangerous driving conditions usually mean the cancellation of classes and programs.

“Robo Calls” and E-mail:

Members are automatically enrolled in our “robo-call” system.  If a class or program is cancelled we will make every effort to contact you with a recorded telephone message and/or through e-mail.

Membership Renewal

The membership year runs from Jun 1 through May 31.  Renewal letters are sent out in April.  Dues collected are sent to the Village of Rockville Centre. 

There are funds available for low income Rockville Centre residents if dues present a hardship.  This must be arranged through the Social Work office and is completely confidential.