Board of Trustees

Picture of the Board of Trustees

  The members of the Village Board - the mayor and four trustees - are elected at-large by residents to four-year terms on a rotating basis. The Board is responsible for passing local laws, establishing an annual budget, and setting policy.

The Board meets in public about 20 times a year on select nights in Village Hall, after being briefed by the Village Administrator and the department managers at an additional public meeting called a briefing session. The Board also holds public hearings on the annual budget and on any proposed legislation. Meeting as the Exterior Design Review Board, the trustees also hold public hearings to review architectural plans.

The trustees are assigned as liaisons to the various departments and to the principal civic, cultural, and educational organizations in the Village. Board members take the responsibilities of their part-time trustee jobs very seriously: they regularly attend public events and meetings and are glad to hear from their neighbors. Residents may contact the village online, email, write to or call them at Village Hall (678-9246).

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Board of Trustees

Name Title
Francis X. Murray Mayor
Michael Sepe Trustee
Emilio F. Grillo Trustee
Kathleen Baxley Trustee
Nancy Howard Trustee