The Sandel Center has a very strong Volunteer Program. Volunteers work at the Sandel Center and in the wider community. All volunteer programs are organized into committees.  Each has a Chairperson and scheduled meetings.  While volunteering is not required, members who do volunteer often make more friends, become more engaged and experience a greater feeling of vitality. Volunteer hours are self-recorded at the kiosk.  Every May Volunteers are celebrated with a recognition luncheon.

Please consult the calendar for dates and times of committee meetings.

List of Volunteer Opportunities

  • Executive Committee: The Sandel Center President and Board are elected by the members and serve 2 year terms.  They set club policy and represent the general membership in every area of Senior Center operations.
  • Intergenerational Committee: Develop friendships with Southside HS students. Plan and enjoy an annual sharing conference, picnic and holiday party.
  • Special Events: Design and help run special events: theme, food, décor, and entertainment.
  • Birthday Brunch: Perform host and hostess duties: set up, serve and help clean up.
  • Trips: Plan and execute a variety of trips that will appeal to a variety of members.
  • Supper Club: Select menu, entertainment and theme for an evening event held several times a year. 
  • SPA: Promote SPA (Senior People In Action): Sandel Center’s award winning summer – long program that encourages friendship, fitness and vitality.
  • Senior Concerns: Identify and articulate issues and concerns that impact older adults.  Bring those issues to the wider membership in a variety of ways.
  • Friendly Callers: Help homebound members stay connected with friendly phone calls.  Reach out and welcome new members.
  • Village Hall Ambassadors:  Staff a welcome desk at Village Hall. Greet the public, assist with directions and answer general questions.
  • Sign-up Committee: Record and collect money from members as they register for upcoming events. 
  • Kitchen: Assist the kitchen manager with food preparation. Serve coffee and tea and collect money.
  • Plants and Grounds:  Plant and tend the garden park and decorative beds at the Sandel Center.


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                  Sandel Circle members      singing

Volunteers from the "Sandel Circle" entertain ther residents of Atria Assisted Living at Tanglewood.  


Pajama Collection

The Senior Concerns Committee organized a pajama and book drive

for children who live in homeless shelters.


Sandel Club Treasurers Ursula Von Der Horst and Sheila McCann


The Committee for Student Literacy provides one-on-one assistance to students.

Voter Registration

The Senior Concerns Committee sponsored a voter registration drive.


Volunteers canned 50 jars of tomatoes to be sold at the craft fair.

Bev at the Door

Hostess Committee Chair Beverly Slott offers a warm welcome.

Clair and Debra Gardening

The Plants and Grounds Committee maintains the Sandel Centers beautiful garden.

Fall Decorating

Plants and Grounds Committee members ready the entrance for Fall.

Flower Sale

A Spring plant sale supports Sandel Center programs.