Death Certificates

Death Records may be requested by the immediate family: parents of deceased, siblings of the deceased, child or surviving spouse (if listed on death certificate)

  • Fee is $10 for each certified copy
  • Can apply in person or through mail
  • If applying through mail, send $10.00 ( money order or certified check only) for each certified copy, made payable to Inc Village of Rockville Centre, alnong with a copies of required identification and completed application
  • Death certificates may also be applied for in person at Village Hall during normal business hours (8am-3pm Monday through Thursday) Acceptable payment is cash, money order or certified check.
  • Proof of relationship to the decedent will be required by all immediate family members with the exception of the surviving spouse.
  • Proof of a legal/medical need is required for all applications requesting death records for that purpose

Identification Required for the Issuance of Death Certificates

(only one necessary)

For parents or surviving spouse of the deceased:
  1. Driver’s License
  2. Non-Driver’s License
  3. Passport
  4. Naturalization Papers
  5. Military ID
For a Child or Sibling of the deceased:

Any of the above AND:

  1. Birth Certificate (showing parents’ names)
    1. If deceased’s last name is different from requestor’s  name – additional identification is needed – marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificate of requestor – to show relationship between the deceased and requestor as well as the history of the name change.
  2. Court Order
  3. Copy of Social Security Request