Guest Speakers - Wednesday Topics

Sandel's Wednesday Topic Series features guest speakers that present lectures on a wide variety of topics.  Wednesdays at 1pm.  The public is always welcome to attend.  Please see calendar for upcoming lectures.  


           Michael A. ESbin, sculptor         sculpture

3/19/19    Michael A. Esbin, Sculptor, presented his art to members. Sandel members learned some of his sculpture techniques as well as the types of stone that Michael turns from slabs into exquisite geometric works of art that are both privately commissioned and on display in art galleries around the world.

            attitude of gratitude

3/12/19    Talia Rapps of Grandell Rehabilitation Center spoke at the Sandel Center.
Developing an “Attitude of Gratitude” was the message. Talia cited “what you focus on grows, therefore, focus on positive messages”, a message warmly received by all in attendance.



              cary grant      cary grant


The life and career of Hollywood legend Cary Grant came to life through a fantastic presentation by Marilyn Carminio. The smooth style, good looks and sense of humor made Cary Grant a beloved icon for four generations. Sandel members relived the glamour of old Hollywood through movie clips and little known facts about this dashing and debonair movie star.


                                 RVC Coalition for Youth


RVC Coalition for Youth representatives presented an eye opening lecture at Sandel Center  The Coalition is a non-profit group with a three pronged mission: drug and alcohol prevention, age appropriate social events, and monthly community service. Members of the Sandel Center serve an active role in this mission through ongoing collaborative and creative projects.


          Americas Vet Dogs        service dogs

1/15/19   America’s Vet Dogs visited the Sandel Center with service dogs and a puppy in training. Mitigating a person’s disability is the main job of a service dog. Physical limitations for people, commonly sight impairment, and serving as support for Veterans suffering with PTSD or balance issues are typical duties for these dogs who, according to owners and trainers “love to work”.


             real food with rebecca     real food with rebecca 2   real food with rebecca


Guest speaker Rebecca Tolan discussed her vegan lifestyle and how she shares her original vegan recipes on Instagram and through her blog.  She demonstrated the baking of "sweet potato churro cookies".  They were delicious!


                pure and simple health     pure and simple health


Tracy Cleary, from Pure and Simple Wellness Center spoke to a packed room of vibrant seniors eager to learn methods to stay just that way. Learning about keeping bones strong, ranging from the aid of supplements to strength training as a winning combination to keep all ages going strong.


pharmacist Howard Jacobson    pharmacist  group with pharmacist

Howard Jacobson, R.Ph. of Rockville Centre Pharmacy was guest speaker 10/9/18.  He spoke about drug interactions and skillfully answered a wide variety of questions.


mercy hospital foot clinic

Health professionals from Mercy Medical Center Wound Care Center were at the Sandel Center to conduct one-on-one basic foot screenings and to provide information about appropriate foot care.  8/13/18

Monica Richey Nurse Practitioner    arthritis   talking about arthritis

Nurse Practitioner Monica Richey, MSN, ANP-C discussed arthritis symptoms, treatments and prevention tips.  Sponsored by Northwell Health.  8/14/18


Dr John, Rhino Chiropractic   Dr. John and Viola   Dr John and Sherri

Dr. John Gehnrich, of Rhino Chiropractic discussed a holistic approach to healing, pain and inflammation.  He demonstrated a way to "add years to your life and life to your years".  8/6/18


Tracy S with members     Tracy Sig   newspaper ad

Award winning Tracey Segarra, of NPR's "Moth Radio Show", shared compelling stories from her own life, and explained how she became an acclaimed storyteller.  7/31/18


listeners   Nicole Graziano  Graziano and Lambiase 

Nicole Graziano, BSN/MN, presented "supermarket make-over"  and discussed ways to re-think your shopping habits for maximum health and enjoyment.  7/24/18


clear captions phone   caption phone

"How to get a free captioned phone for the hearing impaired" was presented by Jessica Colligan of Clear Captions.  This lecture was sponsored by the Senior Concerns Committee.  7/10/18


      Dr. Shaheda     Dr. S      Dr. Shaheda     

Pain Management Specialist Shaheda A. Quraishi, MD, presented "Lower Back Pain" . Sponsored by Northwell Health.  7/3/18