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Rockville Centre Peak Savers - Rebate Programs

Rockville Centre Peak SaversThe heat is on for the Village of Rockville Centre who are hoping to reduce the amount of electricity being consumed by the summer of 2024.

Rockville Centre Peak Savers, a program focusing on smart thermostats and commercial efficiency improvements. The objective is to meet the goal of lowering energy consumption by more than 2 megawatts in the summer (peak) months to avoid increases in infrastructure which could lead to an increase in rates for the consumer.

Honeywell Home and Google Nest Thermostat Rebates

Rockville Centre Peak Savers has partnered with Honeywell Home and Google Nest to bring savings to you! Current Honeywell Home and Google Nest owners who enroll in the Peak Savers program can receive the following incentives:

  • $70 for the first enrolled thermostat and $50 for each additional enrolled thermostat
  • In addition, you will receive a $20 incentive each summer you continue to be enrolled in the program

Program Eligibility

  • You must be a Rockville Centre Electric Residential or Commercial Account Owner
  • Honeywell Home or Google Nest Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat
  • Thermostats must be controlling your Central Air Conditioning in your Rockville Centre home or business
  • Thermostats must be registered to your Honeywell Home or Google Nest account
  • A Wi-Fi internet connection

How the Program Works

When you sign up, you’re allowing minor, short-term adjustments to your air conditioning via your wi-fi thermostat. This small change (usually 1-3°) reduces power use during periods of high demand for electricity and reduces strain on the electric grid. In most cases, you won’t notice adjustments to the Central Air Conditioning system, or your comfort. And you’ll always have ultimate control.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Click the thermostat that you currently own and follow the step by step instructions to enroll:

Google Nest Thermostats:

Honeywell Home Thermostats:

Once approved, Rockville Centre Peak Savers will mail your incentive!

Commercial Lighting Rebates

Small commercial Rockville Centre Electric customers now have the opportunity to make energy efficient lighting upgrades to their business through the Rockville Centre Peak Savers program. Get up to $500 per Net kW saved*

Measure Description/CodesSample Photo
LED Lamps (RVC010)rvc010
LED Downlights (RVC020)rvc020
LED Recessed Downlight Retrofit Kit (RVC030)rvc030
LED Linear Panel (RVC040)rvc040
LED Four Foot Linear Replacements (RVC050)rvc050
LED High Bay Fixtures (RVC060)rvc060
Refrigerated Case Lighting (RVC100)rvc100

* Rebates are capped at the lesser of $500/kW or the following: $10 for RVC010, $25 for RVC020 & RVC030, $35 for RVC040, $8 for RVC050, $200 for RVC060 and $20 for RVC100

To view eligibility requirements and to access the Commercial Energy Efficiency Application, click the attachment below.

Energy Efficiency Application

Questions? Call 866-314-9611 or email info@rvcpeaksavers.com

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