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Thank you for joining us in expressing opposition to NYS Governor Hochul’s Housing Compact Plan.

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Dear _________________________________,

We are sending you this email as residents of Rockville Centre. We strongly oppose the Governor's plan to include the NY Housing Compact in her executive 2023/2024 budget.

In the Governor's recent State of the State message, she indicated that she would be proposing a vast housing program to create 800,000 units of new housing across the state. She indicated that her plan would utilize unprecedented statutory mandates diminishing the long-standing local government powers of villages, cities, and town throughout the state. This is being proposed without any widespread study or analysis or public and community hearings. This would involve a "New York Housing Compact "that would have the power to impose numerical quotas for building new housing units in "every single locality across the state," including in Rockville Centre.

This program is a radical, unprecedented, and drastic departure from the historical and home rule powers enjoyed by localities and recognized by the state for decades and decades.

The Governor's remarks fully implied that this Housing Compact would be included as part of her Executive Budget. As residents of New York, we understand that a serious discussion about the new and affordable housing is important, but inclusion of such a legally drastic and unprecedented proposal by the Governor should not be part of the Executive Budget considerations and debate.

A full, thorough discussion and study is needed. Public hearings, consultations with local officials, community groups and other government service institutes such as school districts, police departments, fire departments, water and sewer services and EMS providers are required and needed.

This full discussion and analysis cannot take place in these few weeks before you must adopt the 2023-2024 Budget.

A program that would require the rezoning of tens-of-thousands of acres of property on Long Island should not be involved with and caught up with the discussions and deliberations of normal budget items such as education aid, health care, Medicaid, criminal justice expenses and social services. If this is part of the Budget process, there will be no opportunity to fully study, debate and consider the effect and ramifications of the Governor's rezoning proposals, a mandate that will affect the status of thousands of homes owned by hard-working middle-class homeowners, like us.

The Governor's announced plan made no reference to any environmental impact studies, traffic and school capacity studies, the state's goals and objectives on climate change, emissions, and electric production. It seems to be completely arbitrary and devoid of supporting research.

All the above cannot be fully studied, understood, and justified in the short time that remains until you adopt a state budget.

Please urge your colleagues and the legislative leaders to exclude the Governor's housing proposal from the Budget process. Please ensure that any proposed housing program considers existing circumstances in localities, meets environmental standards, and considers the effect on existing neighborhoods that have served many thousands of families well for the last 75-100 years and continue to do so, especially here in Rockville Centre.

Thank you,


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