PSEG Transmission & RVC Substation Upgrade

The Village purchases electricity from the New York Power Authority and the NY Independent System Operator. In order to get this power to RVC, it must travel over transmission lines including those on Long Island that are owned by PSEG (LIPA). In the past, this transmission import was limited to 45MW. In the spring of 2018, an Agreement with PSEG (LIPA) was executed to increase the Village’s transmission imports from 45 to 55 MW. In order to leverage this additional transmission capacity, two of RVC’s substations require upgrade.

A feasibility study to expand these two RVC substations was completed in January, 2019.  Engineering for this project is currently in progress and the purchase of long lead time equipment is also underway.  Construction is planned for the 4th quarter of 2020. This option is a significantly lower cost alternative than the construction of a Microgrid or the addition of a new power plant engine generator.

With the additional transmission capacity and the upgrades of substations 3 & 4, the Power Plant engine generators will operate less frequently than the past as more power can be imported.  Two of the older engine generators have already been retired in conjunction with the above upgrades.   We will retain the remaining engine generators for peaking power during heat waves and emergencies such as transmission outages and major storms like Superstorm Sandy.