Fitness Classes

As people grow older, an active lifestyle is more important than ever.  Regular exercise can help older adults boost energy, maintain independence and manage symptoms of illness and pain.  Senior exercise and fitness tips can even reverse some to the symptoms of aging.  Plus, exercise is not only good for the body- it is good for mind, mood and memory.

The Sandel Center offers classes for all levels of fitness – from “just getting started” to “very challenging”.  All fitness instructors are certified in Older Adult Fitness.  Staff is available to help determine which class will best suit your needs. 

Please check the calendar as class times are subject to change.

List of Fitness Classes

  • Core: Increase strength and balance with resistance training.  (Mondays 9:45)
  • Range of Motion: Preserve muscle strength and keep joints flexible with seated exercise. (Mondays 11am)
  • Aerobics with Weights: Focus on cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance. (Tuesdays 9am)
  • Pilates: Stimulate and build core muscles, improve flexibility and balance. (Tuesdays 10am)
  • Yoga: Gain flexibility & balance while increasing the flow of energy. (Tuesdays 12:40)
  • Stretch & Balance: Maximize balance, strength and proper gait to help prevent falls.  (Wednesdays 9:30am)
  • Meditation: Relieve stress while relaxing body and mind. (Wednesdays 10:30)
  • Line Dance: Enliven your routine with basic steps and fun dance moves.  (Wednesdays 1pm)
  • Cardio Dance: Energize and work every muscle while dancing to your favorite music. (Thursdays 10am)
  • Yoga (seated): Increase flexibility and strength (Thursdays 3:40pm)
  • Total Body Workout:  Work and strengthen every muscle in the body.  (Friday 10am)


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gazebo stretch   gazebo stretch 2   gazebo stretch 3   gazebo stretch 4

A beautiful day for a "Gazebo Stretch" 8/10/18

          health walk at Bay Park     

The summer is a great time to get fit.  Sandel SPA members enjoyed a walk at Bay Park. 6/20/18


Yoga Class 2017

Spa Day