Games and Sports

Sept. 2019- Aug. 2020

Games and Sports Party

Games Party Package

For ages 6-7 includes 15 minutes of free play on the agility equipment with 45 minutes of play time with games such as Alligator pit/ Obstacle course, Soccer, Relay Races, Seaweed, or Parachute games.

Sports Party Package

For ages 7-12 includes 60 minutes of play time with games such as Alligator pit/ Obstacle course, Dodgeball, Soccer, Kickball, Foam Hockey, and Foam Bat Baseball. Birthday child may choose 2-3 games to play.

GAMES-SPORTS BIRTHDAY PARTIES for children ages 6-12 are available on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday from September through June.  SUMMER PARTIES are offered Monday thru Saturday in July and August.  

Trained recreation staff members are present in the gymnasium and party room to direct the activities.  Advise your guests to wear sneakers and active wear.  Gym activities will be followed by 30 minutes in our party room to serve refreshments

Games and Sports Party Fees

$260 for residents
  • for 1-10 guests
  • $10 additional for each guest over the original 10
$300 for non-residents
  • for 1-10 guests
  • $12 additional for each guest over the original 10
Birthday child is free!

$10 charge per table for seating for adults

$150 Non-Refundable Deposit Required When Booking Party

Notes Regarding Party Times, Cancellations & Terms

  • Party will start promptly at the time booked.  Food must be offered after the demonstration is completed.  If party is cancelled the deposit is not refundable.  If a party is rescheduled, the original deposit will be applied to reschedule date.  IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO INDICATE ON YOUR INVITATIONS FOR PARTY ARRIVAL TIME TO BE 15 MINUTES BEFORE DEMONSTRATION IS TO BEGIN!
  • Parents supply food, drinks and paper goods
  • Important Notice:  There are inherent risks in the use of, participation in or on the various apparatus and equipment provided for the Games/Sports parties.  Please be aware and understand that it is recognized that the use of, participation in or on the apparatus or equipment may be hazardous regardless of all feasible safety measures that can be undertaken by the Recreation Dept.  There is a responsibility and duty of the parents and guardians to become apprised of the warnings and risks inherent in the use of, participating in or on such apparatus or equipment.  All should familiarize themselves with the inherent risks of this apparatus and equipment so as to enable them to make an informed decision of whether to participate in or on the various apparatus notwithstanding the risks.

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